"My anxiety was so bad that I did not leave my house for over 3 years except to go to the store down the street from my house. My anxiety caused me to get dizzy, nauseous and vomit while in the car. I later developed a fear of going out in public. My life became very limited and I stopped doing most things I enjoyed. I became depressed and felt hopeless and thought there was no hope. Dr. Giaquinto began to treat me using Telepsychology. I was able to have sessions with him while feeling safe in my own home. After two months of sessions I am now able to drive to his office for my treatment and drive to other places I have avoided for several years." ~ John
The segment with Dr. Giaquinto talking about CBT was so interesting and informative! I would love to see him on your show more often talking about different disorders each week such as anxiety, OCD , depression and bipolar disorder. There are millions of americans suffering with all these types of disorders so his information could be helpful to so many people who don't have access to a psychologist. Maybe you guys can have a segment each week called "Ask Dr. G" where viewers can write in questions online throughout the week and Dr. G can answer them on the show! I can't wait to see the progress the girls make with their trainer and their therapy sessions! ~ Annie M
What can I say about Dr. Giaquinto? Quite literally he helped save my life. He has had an extremely positive impact on my mental health. He is patient, understanding, stern at the appropriate time, caring, diligent, considerate, and a very good psychologist. He has a knack of knowing when to be tough and when to be nurturing. I am so much better today than the day I walked into his office the first time asking for his help. He has helped me overcome many issues over a period of many months. From anxiety to phobias to depression, he has prescribed the appropriate course of action to help navigate me to a solution. He has taught me how to help myself; how to think clearly again, how to identify, evaluate and re-formulate my negative thoughts; and how to regain my former self, which I had lost for some time. He told me several times that he remembered how I used to be when I wasn’t struggling with these issues and he told me he was confident that I could get back to that point again in my life. And I sit here today having made significant progress and well on my way to being fully healthy again just as he said would happen. Also, Dr. Giaquinto did something else for me for which I will always be grateful. He worked with, and helped save the life of, a family member of mine. This family member of mine was at the lowest of all lows and is now fully healthy and then some. This family member inspires me every day to keep working on myself so I can be fully healthy the way he is. Dr. Giaquinto was a key contributor to his comeback the same way he has been a key to my comeback. I will never be able to adequately express just how much this means to me. Needless to say, based on my two concrete examples of success, I highly recommend Dr. Giaquinto’s services, especially his work with cognitive behavioral therapy. (Richard)
I just want to say that you are an Amazing psychologist! You are an amazing person and an amazing doctor! Thank you! -Gina-
Dr.G you are a wonderful person! You have been so kind and caring with our son. I really feel that we were blessed to have met you. You are doing such wonderful work with our son. We would be lost without you. ~ Catherine
Dr.G I don't know what I would do without you. I can't thank you enough for what have done and continue to do for me. You have helped me gain better control of my panic attacks, which allows me to go into stores and do things on my own. I remember when I could not leave my house to get my medication. The techniques you taught me have lessened my depression and what you continue to teach me makes me more hopeful that I will get even better. I have been to other doctors who are not as caring and sincere as you. You truly care about your patients and want them to get better as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued help. God Bless You! ~ Dee
I was very frustrated from my previous attempts at seeing a therapist in a group in Los Angeles that advertised as cognitive behavioral therapists. Not knowing what CBT was fully about I did not know any better. I eventually left this group since I was not making any progress with my issues (depression, anxiety and ocd). I was referred to Dr. Giaquinto by my psychiatrist. He told me he was a specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy. I was skeptical from my previous encounter with what was supposed to be cbt. I realized that my previous therapist did not conduct cbt in any form. Dr. Giaquinto is a classical cbt therapist who teaches specific cbt techniques, gives homework assignments, conducts cognitive restructuring, and teaches his own form of cognitive behavioral therapy which is very effective. I was depressed for many years, tried almost all medications and even tried TMS. My symptoms did not go away. I made the most progress I have ever made since I have been working with Dr. Giaquinto. I am no longer on any medication nor use TMS. I have been without depression for almost one year. I continue to work with Dr. Giaquinto to eliminate my anxiety and remaining ocd. If you are looking for a "True" cognitive behavioral therapist, Dr. Giaquinto comes highly recommended. ~ Tom Z.

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