Telepsychology is a form of Telemedicine or Telehealth. It is the process of 
providing specialty services (in this case psychological) using video conferencing 
technology. The services are provided face-to-face in real time; meaning the 
patient sees and interacts with me as if in my office, but instead is conducted 
via video conferencing. 

Telepsychology allows individuals in rural areas or areas that have a shortage of specialist, to receive needed services. It also saves time and money for the client since there is no driving time and no money spent on gasoline. It also eliminates any stigma a client may have in going into a therapists office to receive help with issues they may be having. 

I have been conducting telehealth services for over (8) years in the state of California. I have been able to offer my services to individuals from Northern California to Southern California. I have also conducted research on psychoactive medications using video conferencing technology throughout the Unites States. 

My experience with telepsychology has led me to create a telehealth network that connected 12 clinics that provided psychological services throughout the state of California. 

I presently offer telepsychology to those who wish to utilize my expertise in helping them overcome various emotional and life issues. A telepsychology appointment can be made whether you live nearby or far away. The quality of service is identical to physically being in my office. A secured, encrypted communication is maintained. All records are physically stored in my office which is HIPAA compliant. Confidentiality and privacy is maintained. 

I also offer telepsychological services to hospitals, clinics and various other institutions.

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Dr. Edward Giaquinto, Ph.D. - A licensed, clinical psychologist who has been assisting people in improving their life by increasing their emotional and mental health.