Services: Troublesome Thoughts


What If Statements: What if.....

"What if I drive on the freeway and have a panic attack?" "What if I am out in public and start to feel really anxious?" "What if I introduce myself and people make fun of me?"

Future Predictions

"My heart is beating fast; I am having a heart attack." "Something bad is going to happen." "I will make a fool of myself." "I don't have what it takes to cope with this."


Negative View of Self, World/Others and Future:

"No one loves me." "The world is a hostile place." "Things will never change." "This is hopeless." "I feel helpless." "I feel like a failure." "I'll never find another one to love me." "I can't do this." "My unhappiness will continue forever." "I am defective or inadequate."

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD):

If, then... Statements & Magical Thinking

"If I don't check the stove 4 times, then something bad may happen." "If I touch this object 3 times, then I will pass my test or get the job."

Future Predictions

"I need to check the door lock again because maybe I did not secure it correctly the first time." "I need to wash my hands every time I touch a door knob or I could catch a disease."

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