Services: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is characterized by obsessions and or compulsions that are distressing and time consuming and can interfere with many daily life functions and routines.

Obsessions: are recurrent and persistent thoughts, ideas, and images that are intrusive (unwelcome, unpleasant, distressing), which cause distress and anxiety.

Example: "I need to go to the doctor and make sure I don't have a serious illness."

  "I need to count to 13 so that nothing bad will happen today."

Many times the thoughts repeat throughout the day and are distracting and frustrating for the individual causing feelings of anxiety.

Compulsions: are the repetitive and ritualistic behaviors or mental acts that are performed in response to the obsessions. The compulsions (physical acts) are performed in hopes of "neutralizing" the fear that arises from the unpleasant thoughts. If the individual feels relief from the obsession/s by performing the behavior/s (compulsion), the behavior is repeated ritualistically over and over.

The thinking of OCD is characterized by "Magical Thinking", which is a form of "Negative Prediction" and "If, then" statements. One believes that the behavior has the power to erase the obsessive thought/s and relieve the anxiety.

Examples of Compulsions:

Hand washing 
Checking & rechecking
Re-arranging objects
Avoid saying specific words
Repeating words/phrases
Having a magical number
Specific routines in specific order
Writing in specific way

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