Services: Therapy Goals

My pledge is to provide you with honest, active and direct collaboration to decrease and eliminate symptoms as quickly as possible.

Your goals in therapy:

  • You will learn how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected.
  • You will discover how your negative thinking will create unpleasant emotions and moods which, in turn, will produce unhealthy behaviors.
  • The basic cognitive distortions in thinking that produce errors in logical and rational thoughts.
  • Learn how to restructure thoughts and produce more logical and rational thoughts.
  • Produce goal-directed behaviors
  • Decrease fears and increase self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Learn specific techniques to manage, decrease, and eliminate unpleasant behaviors such as compulsions
  • Consistently complete "homework" assignments using the techniques learned in therapy sessions for prompt progress.    
  • Learn to effectively manage, decrease and eliminate unwanted thoughts and emotions.
  • Have the tools necessary to maintain a positive, healthy and rational frame of mind under any circumstance  


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Dr. Edward Giaquinto, Ph.D. - A licensed, clinical psychologist who has been assisting people in improving their life by increasing their emotional and mental health.