Posted: May. 30, 2013

The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought


The Power of Thought

Much has been written about the power of positive thinking.  Many believe that good things will come their way if they just think positively.  This is far from true! 

Thinking alone does not make things materialize. 

The most powerful and healthiest form of thinking is the use of logical and rational thoughts.  These thoughts may or may not be positive but they are definitely not distorted or exaggerative; they are accurate and true representations. 

Remember, thoughts alone are just thoughts.  You must follow through with the healthy behaviors that relate to your rational thoughts to achieve your desired goal/s; otherwise little to no progress will be made.

 The Power of The Present 

Too often people focus their thoughts on past events; thinking about what they did wrong, what situations or events did not go as planned, or how things did not work out.  Focusing on past events can create feelings of anxiety, sadness, depression, and melancholy etc.  This, in turn, negatively affects one’s thinking in the present day; which will exacerbate those feelings of sadness and anxiety originally produced by focusing on the past.

Focusing on negative events in the past affects our present emotional and cognitive (thinking) state.  The change in emotions and cognitions produces unwanted changes in behavior.  A depressive-like cycle has now been created. 

Focusing your thoughts in the future has similar adverse affects as focusing on the past.  Future oriented thoughts tend to create feelings of anxiety.  These thoughts often take the form of, “What If..” or “If, then…” statements.

“What if I go to the party and make a fool of myself?”  “What if my anxiety rises and I can’t control it while I’m at the store and have a panic attack?”

“If I don’t get everyone to like me, then I must be a bad person.”  “If my husband leaves me, then I will die.”

It is best to keep one’s thoughts focused in the present (The Here and Now) to maintain healthy emotions

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